Risk assessment visit

Our first visit to your company will enable us to collect all necessary information and draw up a detailed description of the risks to be insured, to avoid incorrect declarations.

The first visit:

Enables you to:

  • Get to know us better (our company structure, markets, skills, customer references, after-sales service, etc.)
  • Ask us about the conditions in place for auditing your insurance needs

Enable us to:

  • Discover your environment
  • Draw up a detailed list of your insurance need
  • Verify the compliance of the provisions set out in your lease
  • Check your theft and fire protection devices
  • Collect all the information required for the completion of pricing studies (building safety, stock value, turnover, gross margin, etc.)
  • Draw your attention to possible guarantee deficiencies (corporate office civil liability, pollution liability, etc.)
  • Advise you on insurance development possibilities