Machine breakage insurance

The technical risk insurance for machine breakage is a contract that covers all equipment, machines and installations (excluding IT) against:

  • Material damage
  • Financial loss following covered material damage (operating loss)

For IT equipment:

  • Material damage
  • Loss of computing data that may or may not be the result of covered material damage
  • Additional operating costs
  • Overdraft fees charged by the bank

This contract is aimed at:

  • Individual companies, miscellaneous companies
  • Local communities
  • Traders/shopkeepers
  • Wine-growers
  • Liberal professions
  • Service companies

Additional insurance policies for IT equipment cover the following items:

Insurance for computing data following covered material damage:

  • The reimbursement of costs that the insured party is forced to cover to rebuild all computing data lost following damage or theft

Insurance for computing data that did not follow covered material damage:

  • The reimbursement of costs required for rebuilding computing data that was lost or altered following:
  •  An error when handling the data
  • Sabotage or malicious acts committed by third parties or employees
  • Electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic disturbance, power outage
  • Malfunction, breakdown or disturbance of IT, telematic or transmission line equipment

Additional operating cost insurance:

The reimbursement of additional operating costs that must be covered by the insured party during the recovery period to compensate for the consequences of the total or partial interruption of the operation of the insured goods following a “material damage” incident covered by the contract.

Insurance for overdraft fees charged by the bank:

Any overdraft fees that the insured party is required to pay, should any material damage covered by the contract affect an insured item thus making it impossible to achieve the following:

  • Invoicing operations
  • Reminders for pending invoices

The insurance for operating loss following machine breakage offers the following coverage:

  • Loss of gross margin
  • Additional operating costs


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