Transported goods

The transported goods contract covers all damage to new and/or used, prepared, wrapped or packaged goods that come under the transport contract, intended for shipment and entrusted to professional transport companies or transport organisers.

This goods insurance contract offers wider-scope guarantees than those offered by the widely used General Terms & Conditions drafted by the FFSA (French Federation of Insurance Companies).

The contract only offers one set of General Terms & Conditions:

  • For all shipments entrusted by the insured party to a professional transport company, including the postal authorities, regardless of the means of transport used (maritime, air, land, river).
  • Applicable worldwide.
  • Option: “own account transport” coverage.

This type of contract is aimed at:

  • Companies that own goods and sell, purchase, export or import.
  • Transport organisers who receive an express order to provide insurance.

These organisers are “freight forwarders” and take out what is known as “third-party loader” insurance policies.


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