Claims management

Within our company, both one of our managing partners and our claims managers provide support from the initial declaration phase right through to claim settlement, according to 7 steps:

Step 1

After having submitted your detailed claim declaration by fax, post or email, we will contact you within 24 hours to fill in any missing information and provide you with initial advice.

Step 2

We open your administrative file and appoint an appraiser if required.

Step 3

The following is sent to you by post or email:

  • Your claims references
  • Initial information regarding your possible responsibilities and deductibles
  • The contact details for the assigned Appraisal firm
  • Our first request for substantiating documents (quotes, invoices, photos, etc.)

Step 4

If an appraisal was required (the appraiser will be specialised in the field), we will contact you on the day of the appraisal to gather information:

  • Punctuality of the appraiser
  • Discussion held

For certain types of claims, the presence of an associate and/or qualified employee will be required to check the work conducted by the mandated appraiser.

Step 5

Before issuing his final report, the appraiser sends the insured party a damage assessment report and proposed compensation plan. In the event of a disagreement, we will analyse the appraisal report and verify its compliance with the guarantees set out in your contract. If need be, negotiations may lead to amendments that may in turn lead to a change in compensation. In certain cases, legal appraisal may be preferable.

Step 6

Following acceptance by all parties, we proceed to the payment of the 1st settlement.

Step 7

After receipt of the relevant invoices, a second potential settlement is paid and a case closure certificate is provided.