Legal expenses insurance

Professional legal expenses insurance covers professionals and companies within the framework of their professional activity and social management.

Four services are insured, and all incurred fees and costs are covered (see contractual limit):

  • Preventive and legal information: not regarding litigations, and upon simple request from the insured party, the insurer informs the insured party of its rights and the measures required to safeguard its interests.
  • Amicable defence of the customer’s interests: in the event of a dispute, the insurer shall take all amicable measures necessary alongside the opposing party to mutually agree to a solution.
  • Legal defence of the customer’s interests: if no amicable solutions can be found, the insurer shall cover all costs, expenses and fees incurred during the legal proceedings.
  • Making and assuming decisions: the insurer shall implement all necessary means to ensure the amicable agreement or legal decision is enforced.


Basic guarantee:

  • Professional activity: supplier/customer/competitor litigations, etc.
  • Professional premises: lease renewal, use of the buildings, etc.
  • Administration: relations with banks, the URSAFF, the pension fund, etc.
  • Social: litigations relating to compliance with health and safety standards, etc.
  • Industrial tribunal: relations with employees, redundancy procedures, work contracts, etc.
  • Criminal: protection of managers and the corporate office in the event of personal indictment
  • Crisis communication assistance
  • Criminal defence for employees: in the event of legal proceedings for happenings that occurred during the employee’s working hours in the company
  • Aid and subsidies: identification of direct or indirect financial aids to which the company is entitled.

Optional guarantees:

  • Motorist’s legal protection: in the event of highway code offences, accidents, etc.
  • Private legal protection for the managing director: acquisition, ownership, transfer of shares, securities, taxation, etc.
  • Tax protection and URSAFF: coverage of all statutory accountant/tax advisor/lawyer fees.
  • Recovery of unpaid debt


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