Duty-based civil liability

The duty-based civil liability contract is used to cover the employer’s liability when employees use their personal vehicles for professional purposes, thus covering any damage caused:

  • To a third party by an employee during working hours
  • To the employee’s vehicle during working hours

This contract can be subscribed to by companies, regardless of their size. The insured party is the employee, but the employer is the subscriber.

As a principal, the employer is responsible – both under civil and criminal law – for any damage potentially caused by employees to third parties.

The employer can thus be held liable for damage caused to third parties by an employee vehicle during working hours.

Advantages for the employer:

  • Legal security (no civil liability loophole)
  • No litigation necessary with an employees in the event of an accident when using a personal vehicle

“Social” advantage for employees:

  • Subscription fees to the personal car insurance contract are not increased when a professional usage is added
  • Neither a no-claims bonus system nor deductibles are applied for the employee in the event of an incident
  • The employee is covered for damage (provided the employer takes out this guarantee) even if the employee’s personal contract does not include it
  • No risk of conflict with employees
  • No financial issues


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